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Smooth Muscle Hyperplasia of Testicular Adnexa

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Higher magnification showing fascicles from a case of smooth muscle hyperplasia of testicular adnexa. The patient was a 48 y/o male who gave history of a slowly enlarging left scrotal mass. On testicular ultrasound, a mass was noted in the epididymis. Radical orchiectomy specimen showed a 3.0 cm diameter firm nodule embedded within the epididymis.

Ref: Smooth Muscle Hyperplasia of the Testicular Adnexa Clinically Mimicking Neoplasia : Clinicopathologic Study of Sixteen Cases. Barton JH, Davis CJ, Sesherhann IA, Mostofi FK. Am J Surg Pathol 23(8):903-909, 1999.

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