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Renal Angiosarcoma : Treatment & Prognosis

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Treatment of Primary Renal Angiosarcoma: There is lack of standardized therapy for renal angiosarcomas given the rarity of this tumor. Most patients are treated by radical nephrectomy which may be supplemented with combination chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or recombinant interleukin-2 therapy.

Prognosis: Primary angiosarcomas of the kidney has a poor prognosis. About 50% of patients have distant metastases, usually to multiple sites, at the time of presentation. Life expectancy is at the most a few months after diagnosis in most cases. Tumors smaller than 5 cm have a significantly better prognosis than larger tumors.

This image shows a well-differentiated focus of primary renal angiosarcoma consisting of anastomosing vascular channels, lined by minimally atypical endothelium, infiltrating in between glomeruli.

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