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Ischemic Fasciitis : Treatment

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Ischemic fasciitis is seen in subcutaneous tissues adjacent to bony prominences. The compression of tissues between the bone and the overlying skin leads to intermittent ischemia causing tissue breakdown followed by regeneration. In cases with severe ischemia, there is ulceration of the overlying skin.

The treatment consists of conservative excision. Some cases recur if the patient remains immobilized and the underlying ischemic process persists.

The image shows large ganglion-like myofibroblasts in a case of ischemic fasciitis. Similar cells are also seen in nodular fasciitis, proliferative fasciitis, and proliferative myositis.

Image courtesy of: Rola Ali, MD, FRCPC, Associate Professor of Pathology, Kuwait University, Kuwait; used with permission.

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