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Metastatic Tumors in Testis : Clinical

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Testicular Metastases : Clinical Features: Most patients with testicular metastases have a known primary malignancy. However, in about 10% of cases, testicular metastases are the first manifestation of an occult cancer and may mimic primary testicular or paratesticular tumors. The patient may present with a palpable testicular mass, testicular enlargement, or a hydrocele. In rare cases, testicular metastases are detected incidentally on imaging studies or during an autopsy. The mean age at presentation is about 60 years. They are rare in younger patients. Most lesions are solitary and unilateral. About 13-20% of cases have bilateral lesions.

This photograph is a close-up of the previous case showing metastatic prostatic adenocarcinoma in an orchiectomy specimen. The patient had known history of prostate cancer and presented with a rapidly enlarging hydrocele.

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