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Testis : CLL & DLBCL

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Large B-cell Lymphoma of the Testis in a background of CLL/SLL (same case as the previous three images): The image shows an admixture of small, mature lymphocytes with condensed chromatin and scant cytoplasm and large atypical cells with vesicular nuclei and prominent nucleoli.

Flow Cytometry: Two populations of kappa light chain-restricted B-cells were found. About 80% of cells were small B-cells with an immunophenotype compatible with CLL/SLL (CD19+, CD20 dim+, CD5+, CD23 variable+, and kappa dim+). The remain 20% of B-cells were intermediate-to-large size with the following profile: CD19+, CD20 mod+, CD5-, CD23-, CD10+, and kappa mod+.

This may be a composite lymphoma (a CD10+ large B-cell lymphoma along with a co-existing CLL/SLL) OR a progression/transformation of CLL/SLL.

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