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Immunophenotype of Subcutaneous Panniculitis-like T-cell Lymphoma (SPTCL): The neoplastic cells are CD3+ (shown here), CD4-, CD8+ and CD56-. Rare cases are CD4+/CD8- or CD4-/CD8-. They show cytotoxic phenotype and express TIA1, granzyme B, and perforin.

By definition, SPTCL should have alpha-beta T-cell phenotype as confirmed by positive staining for Beta F1. In recurrent lesions, Beta F1 positivity may be partially lost. Important negative markers include: gamma-delta T-cell receptor, CD30, and EBV. Ki-67 highlights the neoplastic cells clustering around the adipocytes. CD68 is positive in the histiocytic infiltrate within the lesion.

T-cell receptor genes are clonally rearranged.

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