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Carcinoid Tumor

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Carcinoid is the most common tumor of the appendix. It makes up almost 75% of neoplasms arising in this organ. The peak incidence is seen in the third and fourth decades of life with a female to male ratio of 2:1. Most are detected incidentally in appendectomy specimens for presumed appendicitis or during laparotomy for some other indication. Only rare cases present with carcinoid syndrome. When an appendiceal carcinoid presents with carcinoid syndrome, it is usually associated with liver metastases. In this image, the tumor has completely effaced the normal architecture causing bulbous expansion of the appendix. A few residual mucosal glands and lymphoid follicles are present from 9 o'clock to 11 o'clock position. Image courtesy of Dr. Jean-Christophe Fournet, Paris, France; humpath.com; Used with permission

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