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Spermatocytic Tumor : Gross Pathology

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Grossly, spermatocytic tumor has a variable appearance ranging from multinodular, fleshy, pink-tan tissue to gelatinous, mucoid tumor with areas of hemorrhage and cystic degeneration. Extension into paratesticular tissues is rare.

Case History: The orchiectomy specimen shown here is from an elderly male (>70 yrs) who was found to have a right testicular nodule on routine examination. Ultrasound showed a hypervascular solid mass consistent with a testicular tumor. Serum tumor markers (AFP, beta-hCG, LDH) were within reference range.

The tumor measured 4.5 cm and was confined to the testis on gross examination. It had multiple fleshy pink-tan nodules, mucoid foci and areas of hemorrhage.

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