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Spermatocytic Tumor : Intro & Clinical Features

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Spermatocytic tumor is a unique germ cell tumor of the testis that is not related to classic seminoma. It was previously considered a variant of seminoma and was referred to as spermatocytic seminoma.

Spermatocytic tumor is uncommon and makes up only 1-2% of testicular germ cell tumors. It occurs only in the testis. There is no association with cryptorchidism, germ cell neoplasia in situ or other germ cell tumors of the testis.

It is usually seen in older males and the average age at diagnosis is between 52 and 59 years. Most patients present with painless enlargement of the testis of long duration. Up to 9% of cases are bilateral. Serum tumor markers (LDH, beta-hCG, AFP) are within reference range.

The example shown here was discovered incidentally in an asymptomatic male during an annual physical exam. There is a 2.8 cm well-circumscribed mass in the lower pole. The cut surface has a gelatinous appearance.

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