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Post-pubertal Teratoma : Micro

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Microscopic Features: Teratomas show a variety of epithelial and mesenchymal tissues. Some of the commonly seen somatic-type tissues include nodules of hyaline cartilage, squamous epithelial islands, skeletal and smooth muscle, respiratory epithelium, neuroglia, enteric-type glands, and urothelial nests. The glandular structures are often invested by a layer of smooth muscle or primitive-appearing spindle cell stroma with brisk mitotic activity. Rarely, one may see bone, pigmented choroidal epithelium, kidney, liver, prostate, or choroid plexus tissue.

This low-power scan of a section from a teratoma shows numerous small cysts as well as organoid arrangements of intestinal type glands surrounded by a cuff of smooth muscle.

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