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Uterine Hemangioma

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Uterine hemangiomas are rare and usually present with menorrhagia or pregnancy-associated complications.

The affected patients are in a wide age range. It may be asymptomatic and discovered incidentally at autopsy or present with abdominal pain, excessive vaginal bleeding, anemia, infertility, or pregnancy-related complications (post-partum hemorrhage or disseminated intravascular coagulation).

Uterine hemangiomas may form a localized mass or diffusely infiltrate the myometrium (more common). The most frequent location is myometrium of the uterine corpus. They can also involve the cervix, serosa, endometrium, placenta, vulva, vagina, and ovaries.

Case History: This hysterectomy specimen is from a 49 y/o female who presented with menorrhagia of 2 months' duration. Ultrasonography was suggestive of a leiomyoma. The cut surface shows a multinodular lesion with plexiform appearance and areas of hemorrhage. Extensive sampling of the lesion showed only a cavernous hemangioma.

Case courtesy of: Vahid Ariabod, MD, Dept. of Pathology, Islamic Azad University, Mashhad, Iran; used with permission.

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