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Galactocele is essentially a retention cyst resulting from the obstruction of a lactiferous duct, usually by a protein plug. This excisional biopsy specimen is from a 32 y/o lactating female who presented with a non-tender mass in her right breast. It was soft, cystic, and freely mobile in the lower outer quadrant. The cyst contents were milky and the inner wall was lined by creamy, yellow-white caseous material. The surrounding breast parenchyma showed lactational changes.

The diagnosis can be made by fine needle aspiration. The treatment in most cases consists of aspiration of the cyst contents; some patients undergo excisional biopsy. Case courtesy of: Dr. Sanjay Deshmukh, Professor of Pathology, Pad. Dr. V. V. Patil Medical College & Hospitals, Ahmednagar, India.

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