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Malignant Mesothelioma : Calretinin

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Paratesticular mesotheliomas have a similar immunohistochemical profile to pleural mesotheliomas. POSITIVE MARKERS: keratin 5/6, EMA, calretinin (shown here), mesothelin, WT1, thrombomodulin, HBME-1, podoplanin (D2-40), vimentin, NCAM, type IV collagen, and laminin. NEGATIVE MARKERS: CEA, B72.3, MOC-31, Ber-EP4, and Leu-M1. Podoplanin appears to be the most specific among positive markers. Some mesotheliomas express actin and desmin. In sarcomatoid mesotheliomas, the expression of some or all of the positive markers may be lost. Photograph copyright 2011 Nephron. This image is used under the terms of GNU Free Documentation License Version 1.2

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