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Well-differentiated Liposarcoma

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Paratesticular liposarcomas are rare tumors that usually involve spermatic cord (almost 80% of cases) followed by testicular tunics and epididymis. The age range in one of the largest studies (see Ref.) was 41-87 years with a mean age at presentation of 63 years. Most patients present with a painless paratesticular mass which is commonly diagnosed clinically as inguinal hernia. The tumor size ranges from 3 to 30 cm. Grossly, they are often well-demarcated and have yellow-white lobulated lipoma-like appearance.

Clinical History: This radical orchiectomy specimen is from an elderly male who presented with a slowly enlarging left hemiscrotum. It shows a 14.0 cm lobulated fatty tumor arising from the spermatic cord. It was well-circumscribed and appeared to be completely resected. Microscopic examination confirmed the diagnosis of well-differentiated liposarcoma of the spermatic cord. The testis proper was histologically unremarkable.

Ref: Montgomery E, Fisher C. Paratesticular Liposarcoma : A Clinicopathologic Study. Am J Surg Pathol 27(1):40-47, 2003.

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