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FOXO1 Breakapart FISH Probe

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FOXO1 Breakapart Probe Composite_resized.jpg


FOXO1 breakapart FISH probe (continued from the previous image): In a normal interphase nucleus (without translocation at 13q14.11 band), the two green/red signals co-localize as pairs and represent two non-rearranged 13q14.11 loci (as shown in the right panel and top of left panel in this image).

A tumor cell in alveolar RMS tissue section with translocation involving the 13q14.11 locus will show one green/red fusion signal, one separate green signal, and a separate red signal. The green/red fusion signal (non-rearranged) represents one normal 13q14.11 locus, where as the separate red and green signals represent 13q14.11 locus associated with a translocation involving FOXO1 gene and a partner gene.

Image (right panel) courtesy of: Oxford Gene Technology; used with permission.

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