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Fibrous Pseudotumor (Nodular Periorchitis)

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Fibrous pseudotumor is a non-neoplastic fibroproliferative process that may involve testicular tunics, epididymis, and the spermatic cord. It has been referred to by a variety of names including - chronic periorchitis, nodular periorchitis, inflammatory pseudotumor, and proliferative funiculitis.

Clinically, it mimics testicular and paratesticular neoplasms. The patient usually presents with a firm testicular mass, often accompanied by a hydrocele. A history of testicular trauma or epididymo-orchitis is present in about a third of cases. This specimen shows indurated plaque-like areas and multiple nodules ranging in size from less than 0.5 cm to more than 1.5 cm attached to the tunica.

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