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Metastatic Tumors in Testis : Intro

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Introduction: Non-testicular tumors may secondarily involve the testis either through direct spread from an adjacent site or metastasis from a distant location. The incidence of testicular metastasis is much lower than that in the ovaries and is reported to be between 0.06% to 3.6%. Metastatic carcinomas are most common. Sarcomas rarely metastasize to the testis.

Case History: This elderly male with history of prostatic adenocarcinoma (Gleason score 4+5=9) presented with a rapidly enlarging hydrocele. Testicular ultrasound showed inhomogenous densities suspicious for metastatic tumor. Cut surface of the testis shows several fleshy yellow nodules consistent with metastases. Notice the large hydrocele around the testis. Microscopic examination confirmed metastatic prostate cancer.

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