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Testicular Carcinoid : Clinical Features

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Clinical Features of Well-differentiated Neuroendocrine Tumor of the Testis (WDNET; previously known as carcinoid): It is more common in older men, with a median age of 45-50 years. Most patients present with a painless mass.

Carcinoid syndrome is seen in < 10% of cases and its presence is associated with a higher risk of metastasis. Serotonin and/or its metabolites are more likely to be detected in serum, urine, or tissues even in the absence of carcinoid syndrome. Metastases occur via hematogenous route in about 16% of cases. The usual sites are liver, lung, bone, soft tissues, heart, and skin. The few cases that have metastasized and have been reported in the literature appear to be atypical carcinoids (with necrosis and/or 2 or more mitoses/10 hpf).

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