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Testicular Carcinoid : Intro & Gross

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Well-differentiated neuroendocrine tumor (WDNET; previously known as Carcinoid) is a form of monodermal teratoma and accounts for < 1% of all testicular tumors. It is now considered to belong to the category of prepubertal-type teratomas.

It can be seen in the following settings: pure primary carcinoid of the testis; in association with other teratomatous elements (15% to 28% of cases), dermoid cyst, or epidermoid cyst of the testis; and metastases from an extratesticular primary (usually ileum).

Gross Features: Pure WDNET of the testis appears as a well-circumscribed, solid, yellow-brown nodule. When present in association with teratoma, the specimen usually shows cystic areas and a heterogenous appearance. About 10% of cases have calcification.

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