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Prepubertal-type Teratoma : Epidermoid Cyst

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This orchiectomy specimen from an adult shows an epidermoid cyst. It is filled with yellow-white keratinous material with a hint of concentric or lamellar arrangement. There was no evidence of germ cell neoplasia-in-situ (GCNIS) in the surrounding testis.

In adult patients presenting with prepubertal-type teratomas (such as dermoid or epidermoid cyst), one should thoroughly sample the surrounding testis. There should be no cytologic atypia, GCNIS, tubular atrophy, scarring of testicular parenchyma, microliths, necrosis, or impaired spermatogenesis. If any of these findings are present, there is a strong possibility that teratoma arose from GCNIS-derived germ cell tumor that has regressed.

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