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Testicular Carcinoid : Prognosis

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Prognosis: Most pure testicular carcinoids are benign. There have been no documented cases of a primary typical carcinoid of the testis that behaved in a malignant fashion.

One study reported a metastatic rate of 16%. Subsequent studies have indicated a much lower rate. The few cases that metastasized and have been reported in the literature had features of atypical carcinoid (with necrosis and/or 2 or more mitoses/10 hpf). Large tumor size and the presence of carcinoid syndrome are the strongest predictors of metastatic potential.

Orchiectomy is sufficient treatment and is curative. Patients with metastasis pursue a more indolent course.

This photomicrograph of a primary testicular carcinoid shows small and medium sized nests of uniform tumor cells in a fibrotic stroma (higher magnification from the previous image).

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