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Spermatocytic Tumor : Touch Prep

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Microscopically, the spermatocytic tumor shows a polymorphous population consisting of three major cell types: numerous small, lymphocyte-like cells with hyperchromatic, smudged nuclei; moderate numbers of intermediate-sized cells with round nuclei containing granular chromatin; and scant numbers of large cells that may be multinucleated.

The intermediate-sized and large cells have one or more punctate nucleoli. In addition, some cells have characteristic filamentous chromatin similar to that seen in normal meiotic-phase spermatocytes (spireme chromatin). This alcohol-fixed, H&E-stained touch-prep from the freshy cut tumor surface shows all three cell populations.

Spermatocytic tumor makes up only 1-2% of testicular germ cell tumors. It is seen in somewhat older age group than typical testicular germ cell tumors. The differential diagnosis of testicular tumors in older individuals includes - spermatocytic tumor, sex cord-stromal tumors, lymphoma, and metastases.

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