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Ductal Carcinoma with Medullary features

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The diagnosis of medullary carcinoma of breast rests on a constellation of histopathologic features, including non-infiltrating microscopic circumscription of tumor borders, prominent lympho-plasmacytic reaction, syncytial growth, high nuclear grade, and high mitotic rate. When defined strictly by these criteria, the tumors have favorable prognosis.

When some but not all of these features are present, the tumor may be called infiltrating ductal carcinoma with medullary features (or atypical medullary carcinoma). However, the precise diagnostic criteria for making such a diagnosis have not been fully defined. In the example shown here, the tumor displayed high nuclear grade and a prominent lymphocytic reaction. However, the tumor borders were not circumscribed and freely infiltrated into the surrounding fat (see slide no. 10)

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