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Focal Nodular Hyperplasia

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FNH is usually solitary. About 20-30% of cases have multiple lesions and such patients may have concomitant cavernous hemangiomas of the liver, berry aneurysms, and brain tumors. FNH are typically <5 cm but there is great size variation. Most FNH >1 cm have central fibrous scars, which consist of fibrovascular tissue (not dense collagen). Unlike conventional FNH, the rare telangiectatic variant lacks a central fibrous zone and may resemble vascular lesions (such as hemangioma) or peliosis hepatis.This lesion (telangiectatic variant) is now being reclassified as a variant of liver cell adenoma based on its clinical behavior. This case has multiple stellate scars in the center of the lesion.

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