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Barrett Esophagus : NBI Endoscopy

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Narrow Band Imaging Endoscopy: Advances such as narrow band imaging (NBI) endoscopy with magnification, have enhanced the endoscopists' ability to evaluate gastrointestinal lesions. In NBI, optical filters eliminate red light and select blue and green wavelengths.

Blue and green colors with their narrow bandwidth penetrate superficial mucosa and are better absorbed by hemoglobin. This allows more detailed inspection of vascular and mucosal patterns. It improves endoscopists' ability to identify suspicious areas during real-time endoscopy and direct the biopsies accordingly.

About this image: This NBI endoscopy image shows Barrett mucosa as dark brown patches and the normal esophageal squamous epithelium as greenish areas (same case as the previous slide showing white light image). Given the extent of Barrett mucosa, this is a long-segment BE.

Image courtesy of: Pramod Malik, MD; used with permission.

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