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Barrett Esophagus : Indefinite for Dysplasia

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Barrett Esophagus (BE), Indefinite for Dysplasia: The "indefinite for dysplasia" category includes biopsies that show cytologic features of dysplasia in the deeper aspects but there is surface maturation and more normal-appearing epithelium at the top.

This esophageal biopsy (higher magnification of the previous image) shows Barrett mucosa consisting of specialized columnar epithelium with numerous goblet cells. The glands in the deeper portions show minimal architectural distortion, overcrowding, and nuclear hyperchromasia. Nucleoli are not prominent and mitotic activity is not increased. There is no loss of nuclear polarity. The lamina propria shows moderate numbers of plasma cells and lymphocytes. When inflammation is present, even greater degree of cytologic and architectural abnormalities are acceptable within "indefinite for dysplasia" category.

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