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Reed-Sternberg Cells : CD3

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T-cell Markers in Reed-Sternberg (RS) Cells: Like B-cell markers, the expression of T-cell markers by RS cells is weak and inconsistent. Immunoreactivity for CD3, CD4, CD45RO, and CD43 is seen in RS cells in a small percentage of cases. Rare cases diagnosed as classic Hodgkin lymphoma (cHL) and strongly expressing T-cell markers do indeed carry T cell receptor gene rearrangements and are of T cell derivation.

Since RS cells are often surrounded by mature T-cells, the interpretation of T-cell markers can be challenging. This image shows several CD3-negative Hodgkin cells.

About 10% to 20% of cHL cases show heterogenous and weak expression of cytotoxic markers, including TIA-1, granzyme B, or perforin. Diffuse strong immunoreactivity for multiple T-cell markers may indicate a peripheral T-cell lymphoma.

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