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Breast Cancer : Basal-like

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Molecular Subtypes of Breast Cancer - Basal-like: Basal-like breast carcinomas have poor prognosis. They are associated with higher rates of early local and systemic recurrences and reduced survival as compared to non-basal-like carcinomas matched for age, nodal status, and grade. Currently, there are no differences between the treatment of triple negative and basal-like cancers.

Basal-like Molecular Profile Exclusions: There are several unique histologic subtypes of breast cancer that are triple negative with basal-like molecular profile. However, they are low-grade tumors with a better prognosis. They include adenoid cystic carcinoma, apocrine carcinoma, microglandular adenosis-associated cancers, low-grade metaplastic carcinoma variants (fibromatosis-like, squamous, and adenosquamous carcinoma).

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