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PanNET : Treatment

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Treatment: The treatment of non-functioning pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (NF-PanNETs) is directed towards the tumor itself since there are no hormonal manifestations. Surgery is the mainstay of therapy. The operative procedure of choice depends upon the tumor location and stage and can range from Whipple procedure, partial or total pancreatectomy, and simple tumor excision. Patients with progressive disease may receive chemotherapy (Streptozotocin), targeted molecular therapies, or radionuclide therapy.

There is no consensus on the treatment of small (≤ 2.0 cm) NF-PanNETS. Most of them are Grade 1 or 2 and discovered incidentally. Only 6% of these tumors behave in an aggressive manner. Some experts advocate just careful monitoring with periodic imaging. Others recommend laparoscopic resection.

About this image: PanNET composed of pseudostratified tall columnar cells arranged in anastomosing ribbons and cords separated by delicate strands of fibrovascular stroma.

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